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NoltisLEARN is a simple to use, straight forward LMS designed by and for, people who actually manage training. Developed from the ground up Noltis Prime is perfect for High Compliance Industries and is tailorable to your unique training and compliance requirements.

Importantly we offer support like no other, as your training partner we pick up the slack when key staff are unavailable, on leave or when positions are vacant; maintaining consistency and therefore confidence in the system.

Our practical approach to Training Development, Delivery, Reporting and Management allows you to get on with things, to plan and quickly implement programs to suit your needs, Increasing Productivity and Simplifying the process for all personnel..

Manage your Training and Compliance with CONFIDENCE

  • cloud based
  • perfect for WHS&E
  • onboarding - inductions
  • live up to the minute reporting
  • cross platform functionality
  • quick easy set up
  • create teams, assign courses, add users in seconds
  • assign courses to staff, crews or contractors with one click
  • track compliance
  • automated reminders
  • download compliance status for individuals
  • concise daily reports
  • perfect for managing mobilisation of FIFO workforces
  • access to log files
  • verified compliance status
  • full service support 365 days a year
  • no lock in contracts
  • simple monthly fee structure
  • basic training/mentoring package available if required
  • ongoing support

Weather you have 20 or 20,000 users/members, NoltisLEARN takes the guesswork out of your training and compliance management and puts you back in control.



It is likely you are looking to take your training on line for many reasons; consistent delivery, manageable costs, greater control over compliance and audit trails etc. the last thing you need is to invest inordinate amounts of time trying to fathom the system.

We are more than just a link on the internet we see ourselves as your partner in training, your back up, ensuring the system works for you, even when you can't.

We handle the set up, manage the structure, upload the materials or even develop them for you. Need a report? Tell us what you want to see, how you want to see it, and how often you want to see it and its done we even place bespoke "hot keys" on your dashboard for instant review of data you want to see.
You get the reports you need, along with a bullet proof compliance trail.

We actively monitor your members activities, checking for pinch points, responding to feedback and passing it on, sending refresher or reminder emails and delivering reports.

We take care of the help queries manage the hierarchical structure and work with you and your safety & training personnel to ensure you get maximum value from the system


NoltisLEARN delivers all functions and features across the myriad of PCs Tablets and Smart Phones allowing true mobility and improved productivity across the board.

Members, Team Leaders or even Administrators can log in from anywhere to complete training, check compliance or even assign courses;

Compliance's can be verified on site, completed in transit or outside of business hours, as workers prepare for their next shift, tour or hitch.

Every action online is traceable through detailed log files; this is particularly useful in proving compliance we have developed an easy to understand plain english version of all log files, you see a snapshot of each activity sufficient for day to day management while remaining comforted in the knowledge that the full data log file is always available should it ever be required.


NoltisLEARN is designed to get you going instantly, our individual dashboards for Learners, Team Leaders and Administrators are intuitively designed with everything you need at your fingertips, literally a click away.

On login as an Administrator your Dashboard identifies key stats and non compliance's by Team, Course or Individual; after all it is those who are not compliant that become your greatest concern.

The simplified dashboard allows you to quickly drill down to identify trends within Teams, Courses or Individuals. Specialised reports can be linked directly to bespoke hot keys for instant review.

Team Leader Dashboards display key data pertaining to the Team or Teams they are leaders of, allowing them to better manage the people they are responsible for.

Learners or Members (as we refer to them) see on their Dashboard, a snapshot of what is Due, What is outstanding and What they have accomplished.

With NoltisLEARN everyone quickly sees key data specifically relevant to their respective needs.


With NoltisLEARN, compliance's can be verified on site, completed in transit or outside of business hours, in fact typically the heaviest loads on our network occur on a Sunday afternoon as Workers begin to prepare for their next Shift or Hitch.

Every action is traceable through detailed log files; particularly useful in proving compliance, however to the average user, log files are often difficult to understand.

At Noltis Prime we have recognised this and developed a Plain English version of all log files that is not only easy to understand but also hides unnecessary data or actions from the simplified view.

Log files provide a snapshot of each activity, sufficient for day to day management; while remaining comforted in the knowledge that the greater more comprehensive full data log file is always available should it ever be required.

The Simplified Logs sit alongside every relevant action or activity, with one click you can see the activity log in plain English for that particular task.

Admin can view the Logs for all Members; Team Leaders for the members of their respective Teams; and Members for their own activities.

With one click a member, team leader / admin can produce a Verified list of completions for any member as required for presentation / access to sites, emailing or printing to pdf.


NoltisLEARN have since 2006 been producing oil and gas sector training and learning materials in all languages, for all sectors of the industry. Through our team of professional translators all with O&G industry experience, we understand your industry, we understand the terminology and we understand the O&G workforce so we can tailor the translation to be accurate concise and meaningful
At NoltisLEARN you can be confident that your material is accurately translated; it will say what you meant to say.


per month
no lock-in contract
  • Courses 20
  • Users 100
  • Support 365


per month
no lock-in contract
  • Courses Unrestricted
  • Users 500
  • Support 365


per month
no lock-in contract
  • Courses Unrestricted
  • Users 1500
  • Support 365


per month
no lock-in contract
  • Courses Unrestricted
  • Users 5000
  • Support 365